Oil Modified TechnologyProducts which contain resins created from vegetable oils. Typically, these products are not non-yellowing, and the primary solvent is Mineral Spirits.
Last•n•Last  Classic Wood Stain

Last•n•Last® Classic Wood Stain.

Interior Wood Stains

  • Low VOC
  • Deep Color
  • 20 of the nation’s top selling stain colors
  • Pigmented stain for superior color balance
  • Brush-on or Wipe-on flexibility
  • Easiest, smoothest glide-on stain available
  • No need for a wood conditioner

Last•n•Last® interior wood stain is an oil based deep penetrating stain. formulated with superior ingredients, using today’s state-of-the-art technology, interior wood stain provides premium performance.

250 VOC Formula
code   sheen / type size case pack
03011 Product Photo Cherry Gal. 2
03021 Product Photo Colonial Maple Gal. 2
03031 Product Photo Dark Walnut Gal. 2
03041 Product Photo Early American Gal. 2
03051Product Photo Fruitwood Gal. 2
03061 Product Photo Golden Oak Gal. 2
03071 Product Photo Neutral Gal. 2
03081 Product Photo Provincial Gal. 2
03091 Product Photo Puritan Pine Gal. 2
03101Product Photo Red Mahogany Gal. 2
03211 Product Photo Special Walnut Gal. 2
03221 Product Photo Decorator White Gal. 2
03521 Product Photo Coffee Brown Gal. 2
03621 Product Photo Ebony Gal. 2
03721 Product Photo Rosewood Gal. 2
03821Product Photo Royal Mahogany Gal. 2
03921Product Photo Sedona Red Gal. 2
03931 Product Photo Spice Brown Gal. 2
03941Product Photo Antique Brown Gal. 2
03951 Product Photo Chestnut Gal. 2