Oil Modified TechnologyProducts which contain resins created from vegetable oils. Typically, these products are not non-yellowing, and the primary solvent is Mineral Spirits.
TREK Plus Wood Floor Finish.

Absco® Quick Dry

Primer / Sanding Sealer

  • Fast Dry Time
  • High Solids
  • Ready to Sand in 2 Hours

Seal the deal with Absco® Quick Dry Polyurethane Primer/Sander Sealer. This superior quality, 100% urethane formula is fast drying and easy to use. It can replace lacquers and can be used on commercial and residential floors. Absco® Sealer has a higher coverage of 550 to 650 square feel per gallon and meets National V.O.C. regulations.

Absco® Quick Dry Primer/Sanding Sealer and Absco® Sealer are recommended for use with Absco® Grand Wood Floor Finish and Absco® Professional Polyurethane Wood Floor Finish.

absco® Quick Dry Primer/Sanding Sealer 500 VOC Formula
code   sheen / type size case pack
89305 Product Photo Not Available Primer / Sanding Sealer 5Gal. 1
89301 Product Photo Primer / Sanding Sealer Gal. 4
89304 Product Photo Not Available Primer / Sanding Sealer Qt. 6