Oil•n•H2O® TechnologyOur unique formulations, which provide the benefits of both oil and waterborne technologies. The resins are created from vegetable oils, and the primary solvent is water.
TREK Plus Wood Floor Finish.

Absco® Sealer

  • Recommended for both Oil and Water Top Coats
  • Ambering Oil-Based Appearance
  • Recoat in 1 to 2 Hours

Absco® Sealer offers the latest technology in environmentally compliant wood floor sealers. Absco® Sealer is our first water-based sealer that truly duplicates an oil-based look with a water cleanup. Absco’s high solid content will seal wood surfaces with 100% polyurethane protection, and keep floors looking beautiful.

Absco® Sealer and Absco® Quick Dry Primer/Sanding Sealer are recommended for use with Absco® Grand Wood Floor Finish and Absco® Professional Polyurethane Wood Floor Finish.

absco® Sealer  (Oil Based Appearance - Water Clean Up)
code   sheen / type size case pack
95215 Product Photo Not Available Sealer 5Gal. 1
95211 Product Photo Sealer Gal. 2